Scripting, CRM, Reporting & Call Monitoring Technology From Virido

Scripting - Virido provides a robust scripting tool that includes logic, branching and data capture. Capturing data via keystroke entry or menu clicks. Editing agent scripts live. Sending data instantly by integrating HTTP posting, web services, database export, and email, to send script data to other applications. Other web applications can be easily integrated such as: CRM, mapping, weather, calculations, etc., to provide agents with real-time information.

Dedicated or Blended Inbound & Outbound Campaigns – Virido provides a flexible and automatic blended environment when there are no inbound calls coming in. IVR routines with messages can be used to reduce dropped calls.

Skills Based Routing – Virido allows only those certified with the proper skills to work specific campaigns or handle specific types of calls.

Predictive, Preview or Automated Dialing – Provides the flexibility to manage list sizes and to meet the needs of our client applications.

Robust Reporting – Virido provides real-time and historical reporting with over 30 standard reports or has the ability to customize reports specific to the needs of our clients. These reports can be exported to pdf, XML or Excel.

Cloud Based CRM - Virido’s CRM Software allows our agents to collect, update, score and segment customer and prospect information which, in turn, allows our clients to create effective marketing, sales, and customer service campaigns.

Our cutting edge software gives us the ability to:

  • Centralize sales information
  • Organize and automate lead generation, lead conversion and client fulfillment
  • Provide robust reporting capabilities

This, alone, increases our client’s ability to work more efficiently and see a continuous growth pattern in their business. Statistics show that consistent contact with a sales prospect and/or current client will increase a company’s ability to grow their customer base and increase their customer retention. The result: increased ROI.

Unlike any other CRM software available on the market today, Virido provides a comprehensive, active CRM built specifically for marketers, entrepreneurs and successful businesses that recognize marketing and automation are necessary for consistent growth and profitably.

Digital Recording – Virido provides digital voice recording on 100% of all calls. IVR - Play a customized message or music on hold for callers in queue. Easily route calls to appropriate groups or extensions with unlimited branching options. IVR routines with messages can be used to reduce dropped calls.

ACD - Queue incoming calls and distribute to first available, qualified agent. Initiate skills based routing to increase call efficiency and customer satisfaction. Play on-hold music or messaging while callers are in queue.

Monitoring - Monitor calls for agent coaching through an easy to use web interface. You can simply listen in and take over the call when necessary.

Phone, Web, E-mail, Click to Chat, Click to Call – Virido provides many different ways to communicate your message with customers, suspects or inquirers.

Regulatory Compliance Management – Our technology provides the tools necessary to operate within federal and state regulations.

Compliance Management - Virido provides the availability to double scrub Do Not Call (DNC) lists upon import and upon fetch to buffer. Schedule campaigns to run during certain times with Time Zone Management. Use Caller ID settings for each campaign, and utilize Abandoned Call Rate management tools.

HIPPA and PCI Certified