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Virido is currently accepting resumes for an Advertising Sales position within our organization.  Interested parties - please send your resume to


·  Minimum of 3-years outdoor/digital advertising sales experience.

·  Creative mind (graphics design exposure would be a big benefit).

·  Previous experience selling digital media or competitive media such as radio, TV and/or agency

·  Extensive knowledge of digital devices and apps


Duties / Responsibilities:

·  Efficient time management skills – must be able to work independently and handle multiple ongoing tasks with rapidly changing priorities

·  Knowledge and experience using Google Apps

·  Ensure successful delivery of advertising campaigns

·  Use effective techniques to sell digital advertising campaigns to new and existing clients

·  Identify and initiate contact with advertising prospects, through cold calls, in-person presentations and/or leveraging of existing contact lists. 

·  Continuously work to generate new accounts. Maintain, nurture and grow ongoing relationships with clients. Sell an effective digital product mix through the use of verbal and written sales presentations with strategies and ideas, conduct needs evaluation interviews with clients and maintain profitability by following rate guidelines and limiting sales error adjustments. 

·  Develop effective sales proposals. 

·  Meet and exceed sales goals for an assigned geographical territory across all digital advertising platforms.

·  Exercise effective planning and forecasting of digital sales revenue. 

· Lucrative compensation


Virido Jobs

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Scottsdale, Ariz. (December 1, 2015) – Virido, a leading provider of complex business process outsourcing solutions, today announced it has entered into a partnership with Faucet Impressions Global (FIG). Virido will head up the company’s worldwide call center, outside sales and customer support teams for the digital advertising company. FIG works with event and entertainment venues to install smart faucets in public restrooms featuring LCD screens that display targeted advertisements.

“It’s always exciting to partner with innovative companies, and Faucet Impressions Global is delivering unique marketing solutions to a wide variety of clients,” said Virido President and CEO, Gary Finney.  “I am confident our team can provide the business solutions and support needed to take this company to the next level.”

The agreement will create more than 2,500 new jobs as Virido plans to employ a large, global inside and outside sales team to promote the digital faucets and facilitate partnerships with customers and local advertising agencies. The team plans to increase FIG’s presence to more than 25 countries in the next year, up from 14 countries currently utilizing the product.

“We are looking forward to utilizing Virido’s expertise as we focus on continuing to grow our business,” said Faucet Impressions Global Founder and CEO, Scott Brown. “We plan to expand our reach and bring Faucet Impressions Global to even more locations around the world.”

The company’s faucets are on display in several notable venues around the world including: the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Liv in Miami, Allbrook Mall in Panama, Ealing Broadway Mall in London, Meadowhall Mall in the United Kingdom, Marina Mall in Kuwait and Newseum in Washington, D.C. Among the top past and current advertisers are L’Oreal, Miller Coors, Yamaha, Heineken, Marvel Comics, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. The innovative media outlet brings brand messaging to a captive audience and the novel ad placement makes a lasting impression on consumers. The technology allows for ads to be easily updated and customized to the outlet, time of day and gender as appropriate.

For more information visit All inquiries about hiring, advertisement placement and faucet sales should be directed to 480-483-0866 or

About Virido

Virido is a global full service alternate sales and support company offering end to end front and back office solutions to grow new prospects and service existing customers.

About Faucet Impressions Global

Formed in 2008 as a Delaware corporation, Faucet Impressions, Inc. merged with Faucet Impressions Global in early 2014. Faucet Impressions Global is a media company that uses patented innovative technology to deliver digital advertising to faucets in public. The Company is currently working with event and entertainment venues, including sports stadiums, casinos, airports, theaters, museums, bowling alleys, theme parks, universities, nightclubs, and restaurants to sell advertising for smart faucets called Visual On Demand Experience Systems (VODXS™). VODXS faucets are easy-to-install sink faucets equipped with a high-resolution seven-inch LCD screen that displays the most targeted advertising that advertisers can buy.

# # #

Media Contact: Amber Liptai | BIG YAM | | 480-344-0163



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Virido is expanding and looking for boutique US only contact centers with 500 seats or less for hourly based work.  

Virido is also seeking various sales ambassadors and door to door teams to sell multiple satellite, digital advertising, cable and telco products in nationwide markets.

If you are interested, please fill out the corresponding contact form.

If you are a Contact Center, Click Here and if you are a Door To Door Team, Click Here

Virido is a leading cloud based business platform integrator.  With expertise in streamlining efficiencies and reducing costs, they have been using their 60+ years of experience to help small to medium size contact centers drive consistent revenue growth.


Press Contacts:

Gary Finney


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Are you ready to have it all? Virido has the opportunity just for you!

We are now hiring FT/PT sales positions that offer the flexibility to work on your own schedule from home and unlimited earning potential. We will provide you with the training you need, plus the leads you need to make money.  Training on products and services are provided.  WEEKLY PAY! If you are ready to help businesses grow email: today!

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Virido Jobs

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 Reminder time for May!

Monday, May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day) is a state holiday in Alabama, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Utah. All outbound telemarketing calls to consumers in these states should be stopped for Memorial Day unless an exemption applies.  Memorial Day has not yet been declared a DNC holiday in Louisiana; however, the PACE association expects that to happen at some point because it has been declared a DNC holiday in years past.


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DNC Holiday

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Friday, April 18, 2014 (Good Friday) is a state DNC holiday in Louisiana and Monday, April 28, 2014 (Confederate Memorial Day) are a state holidays in Alabama and Mississippi.  No outbound telemarketing calls are allowed to consumers in these states on these day unless an exemption applies.


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Virido is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

-Website developer
-Graphic designer

Do you know website development and graphic design? EVEN BETTER! We are looking for someone locally in the Phoenix area that can work out of our Scottsdale home office. We are ready for someone to take over a website build currently in progress and work in house for Virido. Let us know if you think you might be a fit.  Please email your resume and upon receipt of your resume, you will receive an e-mail response from Virido.

Virido does no guarantee employment and is an equal opportunity employer. During the hiring process and through out employment, Virido may perform background checks and do random drug testing. Virido surrounds our clients with the best resources in the world.



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Are you coming to beautiful Scottsdale for the ACA International Spring Forum & Expo?


That’s great news! Scottsdale is where we call home. Our CEO, Gary Finney, would love to meet you and make sure you are getting the most out of your inbound and outbound call centers. Add us to your itinerary and see what Virido has to offer.

Call 480.419.9063 to schedule a time to discuss how we can improve your business operations. You won’t be disappointed.

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Events, Meet & Greet

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Just a friendly reminder, Louisiana and Alabama* will be celebrating Mardi Gras Day (Tuesday, March 4th, 2014).  Since it is a state holiday, make sure to cease all outbound telemarketing calls to consumers in these states unless you have an exemption.

*Mardi Gras Day is only recognized in Alabama in Baldwin and Mobile Counties.

Make sure to reference the PACE Regulatory Guide for any questions.

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DNC Holiday

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Vendor compliance and performance consistency is always a risk you take when outsourcing. Understanding the vendors process and the guidelines that are put in place is important but process and guidelines change frequently. As a client do you have control of the processes and the technology? Are you in tune with the changes? Do you have access to view at any time? If you did do you think that you could have more insight and make smarter decisions?

You hired your vendor(s) because of their expertise in selling to and supporting your customers. Usually their technology is limited (They won’t tell you so) and is shared amongst many other clients and even sometimes your competitors. So getting access and visibility is most doubtful. Times are changing and its time that companies that outsource look to provide the technology and processes that most effectively manages their business. This will give them control of their data, scripting, product information a positive customer experience and consistency between their vendors. If done right this can be created using best case practices between your vendors.

Clients who provide technology and process management shouldn’t cost more. In fact, it can actually save you campaign and marketing expense, provide a better customer experience, decrease the learning curve, increase performance and provide consistent messaging. Not to mention having access to numerous reports and data points at your fingertips to help you make speedier decisions.

Your vendor has built in the costs of technology, process, IT support, management and more into the hourly rate or commissions that you are paying them. By providing them with the technology, reporting and the processes you can decrease their costs and pay less. Now let them focus on what they do best selling to and supporting your customers.

The technology is available today and we have statistics that shows it works. Now take back the control of the work that you outsource.